Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Attached To The Broom and Mop


This is a picture of me when i was 1 and a half. My mom would tell me i use to always carry my broom and mop every where. I would even take it with me to my grandma’s house. Haha. It’s so odd how i use to love cleaning even tho i bet i didn’t do a good job doing it. I honestly don’t even remember being attached to the mop and broom. Now i hate cleaning. It’s the total opposite. When my mom tells me to sweep i say, “You got the wrong sex.” Though i can remember in this picture of how much i loved mickey mouse. I even still do. I still have all my Mickey Mouse movies and have a beenie with Mickey on it. Yeah i guess now I’m not that big of a fan after all. Once i go to Disneyland this summer, you’ll see me blogging about it. One thing i do remember about mickey is that he was the only Disneyland character i wasn’t afraid of when i was a little kid. Oh the memories.

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