Human Chic Sucks Blood, Literally

They have some very strange shit on the show My Strange Addiction. Like really? Like you really expect me to put up with this show? You really expect me to put straight face when watching this?

There was this girl in this one episode who was addicted to drinking blood. Yes. Real human blood. It was the nastiest thing i have ever seen. I was literally under my blanket the whole time. What kind of sick child does this!? Or in this case, adult? The girl who was addicted to drinking blood drinks human blood and pig blood. It’s so nasty. She drinks the blood, makes jell-o with it, eats it with chips, you name it, she’ll consume it. She would even cut her friends arm and drinks it straight form the arm, sucking it for 20 seconds to 5 minutes. It was honestly the nastiest thing i have ever seen. Yes they showed that on the show. She also consumes about 8 gallons of blood every month. That’s so nasty. Yeah don’t watch the episode. It’s just shocking she isn’t even obsessed to vampire fandom. Tho she is very gothic so. As if she has a choice

Can you imagine what she would tell her friends? Hey wanna come over? And maybe i can suck your blood?

Wanna hook up tonight? Hook you to a needle.

MMM. O positive blood. Delicious.

Would you like some water? No it’s fine, i brought blood.

Harry styles is so hot. I totally want to suck his blood.

I don’t even consider myself a vampire. I just love drinking blood.

Uh! Your on your period? Can i suck your blood? Fine i’ll just suck the blood out of your pad. 

Oh your loosing your virginity tonight? COOL! Can i come along and suck the blood that comes out of vagina?

My motto: I drink more blood that the newborns in the Twilight saga.

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