My day

You Hate The Fact That’s It’s A Monday? Psh I Don’t Give A Fuck I’m Looking Fineee Today


Why not enjoy your Monday by looking at me being bright rejoicing it’s atleast not herpes?

Shirt and pants by H&M.

I feel so hot wearing this. I was first wasn’t sure I like’d this combination but I took another look at it and loved it.

I kinda look like Where’s Waldo. But his red stripes are brighter. Tho nothing will me convince me I’m not stealing his look. Whatever. My motto for the day: I bet you can’t find me fucker.

While your hating your day, that’s it’s not the weekend anymore, ill be looking fine.

Whenever I feel sexier than all of you confident,  I jam to Cher Lloyd. Maybe cause she’s fashionable herself and that’s how i imagine her. We’ll see how today goes. Wink wink.

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