Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Carlos, It’s Your Thigh

My side of my leg is hurt. So odd, i know. I wonder what the side of the leg is called. Let me google it. Oh it’s a thigh. Gosh i;m so stupid. My name is Carlos. I’m a flutist. One thing i want to say before i tell you my story, I don’t give a fuck if you find this weird. Last night i was so tired form school i didn’t even go online to text. I don’t have a phone anymore. My parent’s took it away from me cause i was painting my flute with all sorts of colors. Read, purple, and yellow. Yes i know it’s very odd but i bet odd looks good on me. I do have reading glasses. They do say, “People wear glasses are odd from everyone else cause the have to wear a piece of plastic made form china attached to a lens made from america.” Or like the way i like to say it, UHMARICA! Also, just because i wear, more like use, glasses it doesn’t mean i read books. I mean i know people who love reading books. But i don’t. I prefer reading the voices of the music and contemporary music shit from the 70s. Now all we listen to is Electric. The type of noise an refrigerator would make if it had a heart and was having an heart attack. I will apologize if i speak fast with many topics. That’s just how i am. Here and socially. I don’t let it bother me much. When i talk, especially on dates, i feel like the smoke of a cigar is what comes out of me but with words and other words that come along with it. Maybe that’s why my thigh hurts.

***It’s Daniel. Wonderland writer. Just know it’s fake. And Fiction. Hope you don’t find this creepy. I was desperate for a fiction story. It’s all i could of.***

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