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The Time Genevieve From King of The Nerds Read MY Blog Post

OMG i still can’t get over the fact Genevieve took the time to read my blog post and RT’d it herself! My stats are going crazy right now. If you don’t know what i’m talking about, here take a look at my snap shot.


CRAZY RIGHT!? Ah! How did i find out i got an Retweet? Well heres the story: I was just laying in bed, grabbed my iPod and saw that a random blogger liked my blog post about the season finale of King of the nerds. I found it a bit odd cause i hardly get any likes on my blog or blog posts. So i checked my blog stats and saw my blog views has increased in the past hour and i see 12 referers from twitter led them to my blog. How could it be possible!? Not many of twitter followers even read the shit i tweet about. And then boom. I remembered i tweeted Celeste and Genevive the link, hoping they tweeted the link themselves. Once i saw my twitter notifications that my favorite nerd and writer, read my blog post i got up and my mouth fell to the ground. I was so happy! It was a good feeling to know Genevieve read every word on my blog post. Can i just read her mind and know what she was thinking!? She probably was frightened at the spelling or grammar errors the post had. Yelling: This crazy wonderland blogger is so cray! Sorry i’m not perfect. THANK YOU SO MUCH GENEVIEVE! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. And shall you become filthy rich.

2 thoughts on “The Time Genevieve From King of The Nerds Read MY Blog Post

    • Woah i find it weird and random that you commented on a post that was months ago. BUT THANKS! How have you been? HAVE YOU BOUGHT LADY GAGAS SINGLE APPLAUSE ON ITUNES YET?

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