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BOOKS! “Wait what did you say?”

Remember how i last blogged how i hardly read and i only read when i have absolute nothing to do. Well. This year i made reading a must. I have read 4 books since February. That’s alot! And i know for a fact i’m going to finish 3 more books. I don’t know man i just love reading. I wanna say reading is like TV in your head but when your reading those scenes can go fast or slow; depending at the rate you read. I don’t know. I just wanted to say reading is like TV in your head but in a way it isn’t. For me, that is.

Reading a good book is a feeling that makes me go back into my wonderland. A pro of reading a good books is that you can be super bored shopping with your mother, not a father they usually don’t shop for too long, and read a good book and time will pass by fast. I was at Khols last weekend and read Vampire Kisses while i was waiting for my mom. Even though i felt embarrassed out of place when reading in the entrence of the store where they have chairs, where everyone who exits and enters the store look at me. With a face that says, “What the fuck are you doing here?” Bitches, i’m waiting for my mom. She’s shopping in this store. A con about reading a good book is that it has to end. I use to be annoyed when people say, “I’m trying to take my time reading my book because i don’t want it to end.” Bitch please. I’m half way the opposite. Just because the book is ending it doesn’t stop me from reading. I keep on going cause i’m dying to know what will happen next. And then probably be sad that the book is over. The one and only book that made me sad that it was over was, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. That was a good book. There has to be a second book coming in the future.

Though do i have a fear when it comes to reading? OMG YES. I’m afraid when i start a new book or chapter i won’t understand what’s going on. In middle school when i was reading Twilight i thought Edward didn’t really save Bella. That Edward was just saying that he did just to be cool. I remember having a conversation in middle school with this total bitch my friend and said to me, “Awe i found it cute how Edward saved Bella.” And i said, “Yeah he saved her.” I was being sarcastic but i guess the girl didn’t understand my sarcasm. I didn’t really find out what really happend until i read the book. Through out the whole movie i was thinking, “Oh so that’s what happens.” Thank god for movies.

I heard reading out loud helps. Yeah i am not doing that. That’s something a 3rd grader would do. And i’m not a 3rd grader. I’m a junior in high school. Can you imagine me reading out loud Fifty Shades of Grey? I think my mom would flip out and take away the book from me. And read it herself.

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