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A Bookmark Is Worth (3) A Thousand Words


I just found out what a bookworm is! Isn’t that quiet shocking i don’t know. If i’m not wrong, a book worm is someone who reads a book. Right?

The other day i was reading during lunch and i was wondering what it was until my friend told what it was. And a book worm is a person who reads a lot. According to my zombie “expert” friend. So if she’s wrong it’s the zombie’s that keep her thinking in the most ridiculous way.

I first thought a book worm was just a fancy word that has no meaning. It’s just art along with random words. Like my blog. It has no meaning. I’m such an idiot. I belive everything has to come an explanation if it has a meaning. Like this bookmark; one paragraph of an explanation of what the bookworm means. It would make it so much easier for me. Though it would make it less fun.

But yet i have discovered a different meaning to the bookmark, this morning. The worm is like the worm in an apple. It’s just there. Though the worm isn’t in the apple it’s in the book.

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