My day

Evolution Cell Phone

I’m finally updated with technology! I just got a new phoene today. It’s the Samsung Galaxy. And swichting from that to this, it feels so odd. My ipod screen is so small compared to my phone. Woah.

That was my old phone. I kinda love and hated that phone. I loved it how it had a keypad. I hated it how it was bad for surfing the web and apps. I’ve had this phone ever since my freshmen year in high school. That’s two years! Woah. Another thing i hated were the compliments. Everyone at school told me it was so small and it was the smallest phone they have ever seen.

20130304-214357.jpg And all i said was, yeah. What was i suppose to say!? Not really bitch. Just slide it up and its bigger than a credit card. I remember feeling a complete badass superfan with the LG phone insisting the LG stands for Lady Gaga. Even though that was my interception of it. A great thing about this phone is that i’ve dropped it millions of times and it still works like new. But the keyboard buttons aren’t worth shit.

And now i have this phone.

I love my new phone. It’s so cool! I can now take pictures on instagram duintg real time. And also tweet more often! I’ve always wanted to do that and now i can. I’ve always wanted to tweet during real time how bored and exhausted i am during school or take a picture of the most rediculous person in school. Fashion wise. And now i can. I wonder what compliments my new phone will bring to me.

All day i was on my new phone using it, on tumblr, pandora, twitter, and mostly texting. I use to hardly text on my old phone but now that i can do many things at once, i use the new one. (Insert adorable smile icon here.) Hoping with this new phone i become of a wonderland blogger bitch.

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