My day

Anything For Marina Even In My Dreams

Gosh i had so many vivid dreams last night. One dream was that i went to a local, very cool, CD store. It was so cool! The CDs were all vintage and amazing. But the thing that amazed me the most were the bookmarks. I can’t remember but they were really cool. At that visit, i saw the albums Family Jewels and Electra Heart by Marina and the diamonds. But what was so different about them is that they had different tracks. Almost like an reloaded album. In my dream my mom gave me $40 but told me not to spend it only if i had to. I and i knew i had to have these Marina albums. And when i was on my way out to pay, i saw a Marina and the diamonds calendar! And so i grabbed that too. I remember not even looking at prices, i just grabbed them. Anything for Marina. When i was at the cash register, the lady told me her computer wasn’t working when paying in cash. I was so pissed. So instead i waited till it got fixed. I even told her how frustrated i was and she told me, “Well listen to music while you wait.” “I don’t have any earphones.” “We have some free one’s.” Well give it to me for free! I am waiting for you anyway.After she mentioned it i remembered that a man gave me free earphones when entering the store. I had no idea where i put them. So instead i remember looking around. And that was when i noticed the amazing bookmarks they sold. They also sold Kindle covers. Which was odd cause it’s mostly a CD store. Then the lady said she finally fixed it and i had to go outside the store where they had a cash register. So odd i know. But i didn’t care. I’m finally getting my Marina stuff. After that i remember this was a dream and thought, dreaming becomes reality. Meaning everything i dream was going to become reality. In other words, i would wake up and have my Marina shit next to me. Which was obviously wrong. I’m such a big believer when it comes to Marina. Then when it was my turn to pay and my mom came up to me pissed i spent my money on Marina and the diamonds. But she didn’t care. Almost as if she understands my needs for Marina And The Diamonds. Next thing i know i wake up, pissed.

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