Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The Edge Of My Seat

Oh jolly this picture brings back memories. This is a performance of Gaga performing The Edge Of Glory on American Idol in the summer of 2011. I remember this day very well. I was in Mexico, where i visit every summer, watching this performance from a livestream on my laptop while sitting on the kitchen table and admiring Gaga. Why the kitchen? Did Daniel really love cooking before he got into blogging? Or was it a one time summer thing? That was the only place where i got WiFi!There was a supermarket down stairs where it picked up really well from the kitchen. I’d do anything for Wifi.  I remember being all mad on twitter, “YOU FUCKERS BETTER TWEET ME A LINK TO THIS LIVESTREAM.” Nobody tweeted me a link but i found one on my timeline. I guess the swearing doesn’t help on twitter when your seeking for a tweet to see the queen perform a hit single about the edge of glory when the glory is only imaginative not reality hashtag oh well better luck next time. I loved the performance. Though i really wanted to see full choreography and dancers dance to the song. But this cliff was topped it off. Gaga is always the unexpected. That’s one of the many reasons why i love her. I really was afraid gaga was going to fall but i then i saw tweets remembered that Gaga is a pro and she knows what she’s doing. If Gaga is reading this: BITCH RELEASE ARTPOP.

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