Other Fiction

Volcano Is The New Butterfly Effect

A volcano came around. Bitch i’m going to fall. I think i’m gonna shit my pants. OH well. You know what they say YOLO that’s nasty! Forever alone is the motto i shall i tattoo myself before that volcano comes to my face. Nah kick it! Kick it! Kick it real good. Cause i love saying that word. It makes me feel like i have swag. And it has a sense of character when saying that word. Since i don’t have an accent. Oh baby! Let’s have sex to Heavy Metal Lover! Cause i that metal you have beneath those boxers are heavily! And i know those aren’t the two circle-ly balls. Okay now stop. HAMMER TIME! Okay now lets. Sing operah, or atleast try to, to random strangers. And publish it on youtube. And get millions of views. And then get youtube famous. And ten get to find my partner in crime. And then kill…. You’ll just have to wait and see read.

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