My day

Bubblegum Bitch Takes Effect

I was walking home today and started to think about things. About how of a lonely fucker i am. And how much my life is like the book, The Perks of Being A Wallflower. I have friends, but not close to them where as i hang out with them outside of school often. I miss that book so much. I want to re read it so bad right now. I let my friend borrow it this morning… And i miss it. She better take good care of it. Or else her bed is going to be inside a swimming pool. Literally.

There’s a specific mood i have right now. But i cannot come to terms of what it is. Bitch Wonderland Writer confusion? Should i make a rude remark status on Facebook? Should i be all marina and the diamonds shit and say something including, i just gallop a gallon of bleach and continue with my majestic unicorn. But i have no idea what to post on Facebook. So i’m not going to post anything at all. I hate Social Networks.

I don’t even know if i’m happy right now or not. I guess I’m just mood-less right now. It’s just the lonely-ness i guess. Too many i guesses. Right? I just don’t know. About alot of things. I turned on my iPod speakers and listened to Marina and the diamonds. And i felt better. Cause she has some of the great music ever and a voice, that make me forget about everything. Making me go into my wonderland, and be a bitch. After all Bubblegum Bitch did inspire me to be a bitch on Facebook.

I don’t know. I want to make a status that tells Justin i’m so over you bitch, i don’t care about you, nor i ever will. At least i show it that i’m strong in the inside instead of telling that to people on Facebook. Like Justin does. At the same time i want people to think i’m a clever minded too. Since i’m always the quiet and awkward one at school. But i guess the Bitchy Wonderland Confusion that is blocking me to do so. Good job!

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