Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: I’m A Spamer

Spam. I love the fact that i’m a spammer. Cause i’m so different and dedicated. I don’t even know why the internet hates me. Is it because i promote my website when i have no money to promote? I promote my blog. I dream of someday having a group of bad kids reading my blog. Commenting on my blog. Liking my blog posts. Telling me, “GOOD JOB ON THAT POST ABOUT GIRAFFES! MUST OF TAKEN YOU FOREVER.” But no. Awkward. does not direct or premires my life on MTV. And the only way to make my dreams come true so is to comment a mini comment. And hope for the best that mini comment brings readers. Once you spend hours and hours on a thing, it goes away. It’s gone and cannot be changed. And all those hours and hours go to the trash. I work my ass off everyday to get atleast a couple more viewers but no. Nobody wants to read my blog, “Music is the new devil.”

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