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This Time It’s Personal Groady Bitch

After school today i was waiting for my ride with my friends. So Justin the Groady bitch came up to us because he talks to one of my friends. And he said to me, “Hi Daniel who thinks i’m ugly.” I didn’t hear him at first but i did hear him mumble it. I even said, “What?” But he ignored me. No wonder. Once he left, my friend told me what he said. Gosh he’s so stupid right? And here i am, worried and frustrated about what happen’d yesterday, THINKING about giving you a chance to a date. I was even thinking i was too mean to him. But i see that doesn’t even matter anymore. But now i’m so not. Like what the actual fuck? What is he trying to do? Get me upset? Cause it’s not working. I don’t care about you. I thought you knew about that already. If i would of heard him i would honestly say, “Oh shut up Justin.” I just need to make sure next time he comes up to me i clean my ears. I wonder how his attitude would be in class tomorrow. Is he going to ignore me? Gosh please let it be. Or he is he going to say hi to me like he always does. OR MAYBE HE READ MY BLOG POST! Nah i doubt it. If he would of read it he would of text’d me or something.

Thinking it through, there are so many comebacks i could say. So here are all the come backs i could think of: “Hi you ugly whore.””Yup your right you ugly girl.”
“And yet. You still get the D? But how is that possible if your ugly?”
“Hi loner who comes randomly to us.”
“I don’t think. I know. Get yourself a mirror.”
“Like look at yourself. I bet everyone could agree.”
“I think it’s the ugly singing that comes along with you being ugly.”
“Your only saying that cause your jelous i’m not you. Like come on you have a crush on me.”
“And yet your never getting a date you creepy non “soprano”
“Yeah well change your appearance.”

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