My day / Random

New Habit

I had 30 minutes left to myself and i gotta admit that it was a weird feeling not reading all today. Reading Fifty Shades Of Grey became a habit of me getting into reading everyday. Which is a huge relief because more than half of my books have not been read. So i chose to read my second newest book, My Own Revolution, that was given to me from my teacher. I’m already 30 pages into it and it’s already a good book. So interesting too. You should check it out though. After that book i’m reading Almost Moon and then Fifty Shades Darker. Gosh who would knew i would be blogging about reading books this year. Crazy right? Hopefully reading alot is a new habit of mine cause it really is fun. Okay i must be high.And there are so many books i want to buy at Barnes And Noble, i’m DYING to read. For example: Paris Wife, Quiet, Perks of being a wallflower, and others (something on those lines on its books’ titles.) that i have judged by its title and cover that i need to take a look at. Lets see how this goes.

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