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Justin, Leave Me Alone

Remember how i last blogged about Justin The Groady Bitch? Well yeah we were texting in class going deep into him wanting to go on a date with me. Ew! It all started from him in class, asking me to go to the movies with him to see Warm Bodies. And i said, “I already saw that movie.” Cause it’s true. But i still don’t want to go. Then he’s text’s me saying, “You know I’m pretty cute, I’m Openly Gay and I’m talented sure I’m weird and kinda crazy bit i have fun being like that. All I’m asking for is one date.” Cute? At which angle? Talented? At what? Sucking dick’s? Cause that’s all you talk about to your peers. But one date is not what you’re getting. I seriously don’t want to go. I rather clean toilets than go on a date with him. So i reply, “I don’t like you in that way.” Cause ya know, it’s true. Then he said, “You never once gave me a chance. How can you judge me so easily when you barely know me.” Okay yes i don’t know you very well but from what i know, i don’t like. Justin is always talking about sex and is very very open about it and that’s something i don’t like. It’s just a bit creepy and nasty. Then after that text he says, “Honestly i’ve liked you since the first day i saw you. You so quickly dismiss me on what? My looks? There is far more to anyone than just their looks. Honestly I’ve tried to just get one date from you this whole year… That should tell you something. I don’t want you for sex i just want to date you.” Gosh there is so many things i want to say about this text. First, Not only your look but for the way you are. But i’ve forgotten i’ve only thought about it and haven’t told you why. And the sex part (!?). Where the heck does he get that from? It’s obvious you do want to have sex with me. Ew. I don’t even want to touch you. So i reply, “But i don’t like you nor i want to go on a date with you. I actually do know you. Your know for always talking about sex and sexual experiences ect. And that’s a bit nasty. PS: the singing does not attract me.” What i mean about the singing, is to be taken in so many ways. One, he’s a singer. And the singer that he is, ALWAYS singing and never stops, is a bit odd. A factor i will not be able to stand. What if he starts singing out of nowhere when on the date? Weird! And secondly, he’s always singing my name in class and i don’t like it. It’s a bit creepy. It’s not even a bit creepy, it’s so creepy. So he sends me another text saying, “If all you know is how i talk about sex then you hardly know me at all. Fine i’m going to give up that’s what you want. If you really cant see me for who i really or can be you don’t deserve me. All you think about me is wrong but i’m sure you don’t care because you never tried to know me.” Alleyuyah! He’s giving up! Yes i may know Justin by talking about sex but that’s a huge thing. A thing that i cannot stand. And yes i think Justin as wrong. Not all of it but just the things i don’t like. Keyword: I. And yes he’s right. I don’t care about him cause i really don’t. Atleast he get’s it. After that i haven’t replied. Nor i think i will. I want to say, “Good. Cause i’m not interested.” But i think it’s a bit too mean. I’m jusy too damn nice. I need to learn to be mean. But for this one, i’ll be nice cause i really don’t care. And this time he got the point. Alleyuyah! Why should i go on a date when i feel extremely uncomfortable? Cause i know i don’t want to. I rather say home and read.

When it comes to love, i don’t even consider this love but whatever, you must always listen to you heart and your brain. My heart is telling me, Ew no! Don’t go on a date with him. He’s not your type. And my brain is telling me, Listen to your heart. So it’s a no. How could i date someone or go on one, with someone who openly talks about sex and male genitals or is ugly in my opinion? I just can’t. Plus i have a limit when it comes to ugly people and he’s WAY over that limit.

I can already imagine this going out of hand, rumors being spread around the school. And next thing you know i’m the most hated kid in high school like in the movie, Easy A. For not giving him a chance. That would be interesting. And it gives me something to blog about. Benifits me both ways. I like it.

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