Other Fiction

Being A Heartbreaker


Rule #1-Is that you gotta have fun, But baby when you’re done, you gotta be the first to run.
Literally? Cause that’s the way i took it. I was at Mcdonalds doing the usual, eating on the floor instead than on a table, and i out of nowhere my favorite song starts to play. Oh my gosh. So i grab the first man i see and get him up and start dancing with him. After the song was over, i ran out the door. The song was What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger).

Rule #2- Just don’t get attached to Somebody you could lose.
That rule to me means to not be too close to my boyfriend. If that was true i would not hold hands with him. I would though but with our arms far apart. I would also sit at the back when he’s driving. Even though he’s begging me go into the front. “Come and sit with me in the front.” “No! I can’t… Marina And The Diamonds told me to.” Cause it’s never guaranteed he’ll be with me forever.

Rule #3- Rule number three, wear your heart on your cheek.
Oh i’m always wearing the Marina and the Diamonds heart on my cheek. I even tatto’d it. One day a chic comes up to me abd says, “Why the fuck do you have that tattoo.” “It’s all about being a heartbreaker. It’s rule number three.” “Who the fuck are you? A poet?”

Rule #4- Gotta be looking pure Kiss him goodbye at the door, and leave him wanting more, more.
Like last night. I told my boyfriend to have sex with me by the door, standing. He was immoderately turned on. He undressed me and we started to make out until i got tired. And once he went to grab a condom. I ran out the door. Grabed my ipod and blast the song, “How To Be A Heartbreaker.” But oh shit. I was naked. Marina And The Diamonds did not prepare me for this.

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