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My Fashion Styles In The Past

I love fashion. I use to think clothes was just so silly. But now, i just love looking at it. I remember when i was a little kid i had a pretty big imagination. I imagined myself as a wizard of some sort and every time i went to shopping to the mall or something i would pretend like i had magic and just pointed at the clothes i wanted and boom. An exact copy was at my home, waiting for me, at no expense. I blame Spy kids for that. That would be so amazing if i could do that in reality. I would point at all the clothes at H&M.

I remember when i was in middle school i had a phase with my love with shorts. And it’s colors and patterns. Now i don’t wear them. Zombie voice: “I need to hid my hairy legs” Looking back, one thing i kinda regret is that i would wear the same pair of shorts two or even three days in a row… How embarrassing! Today i would probably be criticized. By the ugly noises inside my head. And those shorts were both shorts for the streets and for the pool. I just loved the color. It was white with blue lines all over it. One thing i loved about it is that it matched with pretty much my whole wardrobe.

I also had a phase in which i loved Hollister and Aeropostal. Now i can’t stand walking inside those stores. I mostly loved Hollister back in middle school. But a reason i shopped at Aeropostal the most was because my mom use to always shop there. And in a way it was cheeper. I remember buying all my shirts on the clearence rack at Hollister sized small. It was heaven then. The bears, the colors, the fonts, and the designs were all the things that attracted me. But all of that was just the style then. I don’t regret it. I just regret the fact that not one person said, Ooh you look nice in that surfing, blue hollister shirt. Those were my intentions anyways. I think the effect of the jocks in middle school use to wear those clothes, is what made me wear them. But the most effect was when my mom and other family members use to shop there all the time. The use to spend hundreds at Aeropsostal and Hollister. Mostly cause they were next to each other but also cause they had some “good clothes” promoting their company name. My family still shops there. But today i just roll my eye and carry on with my majestic unicorn in my wonderland. If Hollister was hot today through high schoolers i would so not wear it. I perfer more classy clothes from H&M rather than a stupid shirt with a bird that looks like it’s about to poop on you.

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