Other Fiction

Fifty Shades Of Crazy Night

Yeah it’s not me. So go screw yourself. This morning, my mom was pretty much convinced it was me who stole her book, Fifty Shades Of Grey. But i didn’t. I just took it away from her and hid it. She need’s to be precise. I don’t know what’s so appealing about that book. Is it cause of the sex? Cause the yesterday my mom was reading the book and i saw a tube under her blanket. And my brother came up to her and said, “Mom get me some orange juice.” And when she stood up, her butt plug came out. That’s what the doctor said at least. After the butt plug came out she was bleeding and the doctor came out of nowhere and rushed her to the hospital. My mother had to have surgery. Something was said that the whole or hole was too big and it needs to be small in normal size. After my mom’s surgery she’s been wanting to read the book. So i went and got at home and she began reading. Then the doctor came in because her heart was beating fast. My mom was crying when he took the book away. And so her good friend got her some tissues with typed letters from the book on to the tissue. I’m guessing it was the book in tissue form. So she was reading the book while crying; making her blood pressure to be at the same as it should be. When she finished the book, tissues, she was screaming, “WHAT!? WHAT!? WHAT!?” Making her feel much better and go back home, sooner than expected.

I think i might as well read the book myself.

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