My Hectic Television (Typical Weekly) Schedule

My all i do all day television scheduled is so crazy. It’s so hard to fit in homework time because I’m such a huge procrastinator. And when i know it’s time to do homework my favorite TV shows are on. And i HAVE to watch it. I can do my homework while watching TV but it’s just too damn hard. I feel like I’m missing out on a great laugh or on a blog-able moment. Which never happens but anything could happen. What do i do before TV time? Nothing really. I get home at 3. Eat until 3:30. Watch the Ellen show if i have the time. Sleep at 4. Wake up at 6. Then boom it’s time for me to do homework. And then i shower at 6:30. And then TV time. Now you see why i usually don’t blog on weekdays. And if i do its either scheduled or published after 9PM.

Mondays: I watch Teen Mom 2 at 7PM, Catfish at 8PM on MTV. I love Teen mom. It’s interesting to watch adults, not teens, suffer and see what it’s like to be in their shoes as a mom. My favorite teen mom is Kailyn. I don’t even know why. My eyes are always open when she’s on. And catfish. That show is so crazy. They always have a plot twist. Though it’s a bit depressing to know the show is over tonight…. WAH!

Tuesdays: Snooki & JWOWW at 7PM, and Nicki and Sarah Live at 8:00. I love Snooki and JWOWW. They are so funny. Especially Snooki looking at how she’s taking things on how to be a mother. I found it hilarious when she bought an armoire and she didn’t even know what it was. Rich girl problems. Which is understandable. Because i didn’t even know what it was until i saw the episode.  And JWOWW, she’s just a fucking mess. She’s actually not. I just felt like saying that after an SNL skit i saw of the real house wives of disney princesses when Kristen Wigg said, and i’m a fucking mess. I forgot which character that was though. Maybe snow white. But back to my point, JWOWW is interesting. She was going to cut her man on the first episode… She was playing around but that’s so scary. You don’t want to mess with her. And Nicki and Sarah live. OH MY I LOVE THAT SHOW. You got two very hilarious fan girls on that show. And fan girls fangirling is what the television needs! When they were freaking out at Justin Timberlake releasing Suit & Tie and his Grammy performance. I can’t wait until tomorrow. I’m sure they will be talking about his music video. They are also so hilarious. Like last week when they spoke lyrics to randoms? Haha! I also find it hilarious how they pretty much make fun of Taylor Swift every week.

Wednesday: There is no new episodes to watch. Usually Wednesday is my “relaxing” day. But when i do watch it i know it’s a day to watch re-runs. Like Friends or Rosanne or The big bang theory. Those three shows are so hilarious. They make me laugh every time.

Thursday: My favorite day of the week. All new episode of King Of The Nerds! I love love that show. It’s my favorite. I swear that’s going to be me when i go to college. Hashtag blue team bitches! I just like that team. Mostly cause Genovive is a fantasy writer but because the other team is so stupid and intimating. They think they are the boss because their team wins the nerd battle every week. Like shut up! Blue team has won before. Twice. And Danielle….. Gosh. She feels like the boss every week. “Were going to win this one cause we always do.” OH SHUT THE FUCK UP. You never know. ANYTHING can happen.

Friday: Again, nothing. Though but i mostly stay up late watching Nick @ Nite.

Saturday: Saturday night live! It’s so funny. My favorite episode was when Jamie Foxx hosted. Gosh that was hilarious. Especially the Tyler Perry skit. I also watch Cyndi Lauper Still So Unusual. I love Cyndi. She’s so funny. Plus her show has thrill and is interesting. Bonus points.

Sunday: I’ll have to wait for Nuestra Belleza Latina for that one.

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