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Justin, The Groady Bitch

Gosh where should i start? There’s this annoying gay named Justin at my school and he just won’t leave me alone. Justin is a kid that has a huge ego. Well i don’t know about the ego part but he thinks the world revolves around him. He’s so discussing. He would tell you, straight out, his sexual experiences. He told me he lost his virginity when with his best friend and it was the best 3 hours of his life… UM EW! He has freckles, long hair like a girl, early Jacob from Twilight (the movie not the series) and is ugly in my opinion. And just imaging him having sex is just so discussing. Bad picture. He’s also convinced he is a soprano. Which is nothing wrong with it but he is the one who thinks he is the best in his choir group. Plus he’s always singing. In geometry class he would sing my name, Daniel. I turned at him and he laughed, hehe. Yeah don’t sing cause your singing won’t even make me fall in love with you. I once asked him why he was singing, and he said “Oh i have a concert today at 7.” It was after school. He had 5 hours to practice. Why now!?

He’s in my geometry class this semester sadly and he has told a class mate, which is my best friend’s brother, a straight guy, that he would suck his dick no questions asked… Someone told me that he once messaged a straight guy, “Is it wierd i want to suck your dick?” Um yes! He once told me that he would be down to do a threesome and we would have sex at the same time… He once told his class mates that he likes them 9 inch uncut. He’s even said that he takes it not gives it. He is one of those guys who thinks every guy is a little gay. Right cause every guy wants to be curious with you. You see how desperate he is for the D?

Funny story: He once told me the time he went on a date with a guy, the guy was like, “Yeah i’m gay.” “No i’m a guy.” He honestly does look like a girl with his long hair and painted black nails. And toe nails after his injury on his leg, i noticed.

He’s been texting me the whole weekend until i replied today, “Yes?” He said, “Do you want to go to the movies with me tomorrow to see warm bodies?” No. I rather eat healthy. I told him i had plans with a friend and he said, “But i don’t have a date…” Good to know. Actually, i don’t care. Fix yourself. Plus you need to learn how to be lonely and single and not being depressed about it. I didn’t reply. I don’t want to go on a date with him. Doesn’t he get it? He told my best friend that he has a major crush on me. Which i knew that before because it was so obvious. His intentions? For her to tell me and get my white horse and say, “I love you too.” But in reality my wonderland would send him a chip inside his brain telling him, DANIEL DOESN’T LIKE YOU JUST MOVE ON. In class he’s always calling my name and saying, “Hi.” It’s so weird and annoying a bit. But whatevers. Let his wonderland dream with me in it. He’s contact name on my phone is Groady Bitch. Seriously. I can’t believe he even has my number. He must of gotten it from my friend.

I once say a post on tumblr that said, “Nobody has a crush on me.” And reblogged it cause i felt that i could relate. Then i remembered Justin… Yeah he doesn’t count. God, when i asked for the love of my life, i didn’t mean Justin.

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