Fifty Shades Done With This Book

Gosh its been ooolong since i last blogged. I’m sorry? I want to say that ism on a writers block but i don’t want to admit it to myself. Making me think, Well you can’t blog because you are in a writers block. Maybe there is a blog post about that some where on WordPress. But what’s new with me? I dunno.

This weekend has been a good one. Saturday i was going to go paint balling but i couldn’t cause i had saturday school. Which is fine. I don’t regret it. All i have to say is, who goes paint balling at 8 AM!? Apparently my family. But most of my weekend consists of reading my new favorite book, Fifty Shades Of Grey. It’s such a good book. I actually find it very very kinky hilarious. The way Ana is and thinks is hilarious. And also the things Christian says while having sex. Like who says, “I don’t do love, i fuck… hard.” Like WHAT? Writing about this is making me laugh; smirk to be precise. I thought couples don’t talk about sex before their first time. It just happens. But you know or don’t if you haven’t read the book and your boring mature, that Christian is so kinky. SO KINKY. SO KINKY IT’S FUCKING HILARIOUS. “‘I know that lip is delicious, i can attest to that, but will you stop biting it?… Your chewing it makes me want to fuck you hard, and you’re sore, okay?” I SO DONE WITH THIS BOOK. But it’s so good and interesting hilarious that i need to finish it. At first i imagined Justin Timberlake as Christian but once i start to discover how kinky he is i took it back.

Remember how i said my friend was going to read it with me so that we talk about it and whatever? Yeah well that bitch already finished it. THAT’S SO NOT FAIR. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE STEAL THE SECOND BOOK AWAY FROM HER SO THAT I CAN CATCH UP. She’s making me finish the book this weekend. Which is possible. Thank god 4 day weekend. But is possible for me to finish it? I don’t know. I’m a slow reader and i have never finished a book in less than a week. I started reading it on… Wednesday. Go figure.

Gosh when i took the bitch (the book) to school everybody started grabbing it and reading it. On Friday my club members were like, OMG YOU’RE READING THE BOOK!? And skimmed through the book. One girl read a sex scene and said, “I like this book it’s… to erotic.” One guy called it mommy porn. WHAT? NO IT’S NOT. Another guy in my Spanish class was like, “You know you can’t read that book for school. It’s banned.” Shit. Until i read the first sex scene i understood why it was banned. I knew the book went into details but not too much into details when Ana gives Christian a blow job.

My mom even wants to read the book. But she never reads so i don’t think it will happen. She started having an interest for the book when i was cracking up and my mom was wondering why i was laughing. “Is she sucking him off?” “Haha yes mom.” “I want to read it when your done. So that i could know what you’re reading.”

I wonder what the ending is like. I bet it’s so stupid. Based on my friends reaction saying how stupid Ana and/or Christian is.

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