Today’s Word: Books

Gosh today has been a day with the word books inside my head all day. It all started by making an odd decision to read my book during Health class. It’s odd because i never read during school. Unless we have to like in English class. When i pulled out my book i realised i’m on a good part of the book. So i read and read. I even read afterschool. Well only for an hour but an hour of reading is alot. For me. I read 40 pages all day. And i hardly read. Crazy right? The only time i read is during class and only 15 pages every other day on weekdays. I can’t even believe i actually read a book. That’s how good that book is.

Also during lunch me and my friend were talking about 50 shades of grey and how were going to read it at the same time. And i’m so excited! I’m finally going to have someone be angry, happy, or confused while reading the book and talk about it. I never thought i would read the book. Like who would want to read a book about sexual scenes? I guess i do. But i heard it’s so good. As long as there is thrill into that book i’m fine. So i’m super excited to start reading that book. I’ve been trying to force myself to finish my book, Peeps. It may be a bit ignorant but on the other hand, i’m on a good part of the book and i feel like i can’t put my book down. I’m so excited to read my next book that i even did the math on my progress on reading Peeps. I’m 65% into finishing the book.

Since i’m going to Barnes and Noble tomorrow to buy 50 Shades of Grey i called to ask for the price. I would think Target is cheaper especially with best selling books, but i’m wrong. As always. B&N is way cheeper.$18 at target and $15 at B&N. Good thing i did my research. When i called and asked for the price at Barnes and Noble, i asked for them to put it on hold for me and the guy was like, “I don’t think you’ll have to. We have like 100 copies here.” I found it a bit funny how bestselling the book is and the workers reaction to it.

Have you even planned to add 50 Shades Of Grey into your To-Read list? No? Then you should. Because i’m pretty sure i’ll spoil it for you blogging about it. Or i may be wrong and the book will end up like the others, collecting dust.

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