Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Blogger Love Part 2: Writers Block Broken

Hey it’s Monica again. Remember how i said i met this guy at the airport? And how it was love at first read? Well yeah we spoke some more and coincidentally his seat was right next to mine. Then it was my chance to talk to him. I was so nervous. I’m not that typical person who would talk to strangers as if they are my friends. One hour into the flight, he turned on his laptop and began blogging. The airplane has Wi-Fi. He began writing about his last day in Paris. Since he was a travel blogger, he began blogging about the architecture of the store he was in. He said it reminded him of Paris, the hotel in Las Vegas. Which is a bit funny cause why would your store want to imitate Paris when you are in Paris. He mentioned that he felt so stupid for asking if they sold hot cheetohs fries. I started to laugh out loud and quickly looked at my laptop as if i was laughing at something i saw on the screen. I didn’t want him to know i was snooping. But i was. Hey, he’s hot, great blogger, and types fast. Just like the way i like them. So i continued to snoop onto his screen. But nothing was being said… Writers block. “Hey! I’m Monica.” That was a bit random of me right? I didn’t even think about saying to him right at that moment. It was like god made me to do it or something. “Hey my name is John. Nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you too. What are you doing there?” “Nothing just writing an essay just to kill time.” Liar. He’s a blogger. I know that for a fact. “Oh cool. About what?” “About how fun Paris was. What are you doing? Since you asked me.” “I’m just on my blog.” I really was. I was just looking at my stats. “Oh you have a blog? How cool! What kind of blog?” “Poetry. I know your a blogger too. You may think i’m a total creep but i saw your blog URL when you were on it at the airport, at the waiting room.” “Oh. Well since were being honest, i wasn’t writing an essay.” “Why do you think i was laughing? The hot cheetoh fries. Like really? We’re in paris” “Yeah i know. That’s why i mentioned that i felt like an typical american tourist.” ” Haha yeah. You know your a wonderful writer. You know. I’ve never read a travel blog like yours. Its so full of life and non depression.” “Haha thanks…. Are you single?” “Yes i am. Nobody would like to date a poetry blogger. I can become an Taylor swift. But i would of ask you if your single as well but i already know that answer.” “You know its hard to comment when your talking about a lot of topics, really fast.” Its the love honey. He muttered, ” But how do you know i’m single? I may be a blogger who travels while dating an international… Pop singer.” “Oh come on. I read your About page.” Gotcha. “Oh haha.” After that i told him i was tired and fell asleep. But once i closed my eyes i could hear the sound of his keyboard. Looks like his writers block has been broken. Though it wasn’t about me. He was just going into real detail. Though mine was broken too. After that i was inspired to wrote some more poetry.

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