Wonderland Writer

Lately i have put much thought into what my current tittle really is. I hate the word blogger. That’s just too simple. I hate the word writer. That’s just too broad. But wonderland writer is the best tittle in the history of tittle’s. If only everyone knows what it really means. My definition of wonderland may be a bit different than everyone else. My wonderland is a land that you picture yourself but is only imaginable and in your dreams. So in short, its the opposite of reality. Now when it comes to Wonderland Writer. I’m a writer who writes about all things wonderland. Get it?

Being a wonderland writer may be an act of desperation. Because you are desperate for everything to go like in your wonderland. Cause you i created it. I can already see haters saying: Gosh those wonderland writers are so desperate. Yeah well that’s what being a wonderland writer is all about. Dreaming and dreaming big for the entertainment of drawing pictures in the readers head. Isn’t being a wonderland writer so cool? And i came up with it! *puts on shades* I’m cool guys.

It would be so cool to see a group of bad kids creating a wonderland blog. And call themselves a wonderland writer. Because there are alot of wonderland writers out there but they just don’t know it. Ask yourself, are you a wonderland writer?

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