My day

Crazy Huh?

Gosh it’s been 5, 6 including today, DAYS I HAVE WITHOUT BLOGGING. WHAT KIND OF SICK BLOGGER AM I!? Which blogging this much is an all right thing to do for a typical blogger but for me, it’s so rare. My last blog post was on the last day of January, blogging about how much i love Lana Del Rey and her first album release. You may of thought that i’ve been crying and in awe for my love for Lana the last couple days but your wrong. I’ve just been so busy lately. Though i am listening to Lana Del Rey right now. I get home take a nap, wake up, do homework, watch TV depending on the day, and go back to sleep and repeat. I don’t even check my blog stats.

But i will try to make blogging a must everyday. I was just going through some old blog post and i read this one, remembering how fun it was to blog everyday and how much i miss it. It’s not that i’ve been in a writers block everyday it’s just that i’ve forgotten to blog about a certain topic, right in the moment like i use to… I could of sworn i blogged the past three days or something but i didn’t. I guess it’s just my wonderland thinking i have, imagining myself perfect. Crazy huh?

I’m not even going to publish a Paparazzi Tuesday cause i don’t see any of you guys complaining or begging. But you promised on tumblr yesterday! I said I DON’T SEE ANY OF YOU GUYS (MY READERS) COMPLAINING OR BEGGING.

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