My day

College Dark Paradise

I just finished signing myself up to take my college admission tests… HOLY SHIT! I can’t believe the time is coming. I’m going to college and pursue my dreams. I payed 50 fucking dollars for those tests so i make sure i go to college. That’s how motivated i am… Lol just kidding i got a fee waiver. Once i got the fee waiver and test prep to study for the test i was so anxious and happy. I kept on chanting inside my head, I’m going to college. Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah! And mentally pictured college inside my head from what i’ve seen in the movies and tv shows. I just can’t believe i’m so close to be going to university. In a couple of months i’m going to start applying for college. I’m so excited yet nervous. What if i become a loaner at college? Oh god i hope not.

College is like a paradise. Lets create a Dark Paradise Blogging Parody. Everytime i close my eyes it’s like a dark college paradise. No one compares to you i’m scared that you won’t be waiting on the other side! There is no relief. I see you, college, in my dreams telling me you’ll be FINE!!!! I don’t want to wake up from this wonderland image, tonight.

My dreams and hopes for college is sorta like a Dark Paradise like in Lana Del Rey’s song. Look it up. Go figure!

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