A Look Into Wonderland Blogger’s Room

This room is a bit odd with a lack of character. Where should i begin? Okay lets begin with the closet. Wonderful wardrobe. Though those clothes need to be folded properly and ordered neatly. That closet reminds me of the inside of what the washer machine threw up. A washer machine that just gave up washing and shaking it’s tongue, it just broke into pieces and boom! It exploded and separated its clothes everywhere. This bitch really needs some giraffe print. Now the desk. The desk is one of those moment’s when you wonder and say, “OH it’s a desk!” And may be confused with the desk as a table with papers and books everywhere. I wonder if he even uses that shit on the desk. He has a a book on his desk, My own revolution. I see he’s a dreamer. Stuck up bitch. Oh he has test prep test’s booklets. Looks like he’s really motivated and ready for college. He really really is a dreamer. Nick and norah’s infinite playlist is on his desk! Uh! Cool! He may not be a dreamer after all. This movie isn’t any of those typical romance movies like The notebook, the vow, ect. A water bottle is on the top right of the desk. That tells me he’s trying to be cool and has a water bottle on the top right of the table just to seem cool and healthy. But he’s not. Because if he really did drink water he would of not have it in the end of the desk. I mean the end of the desk is next to the closet. I doubt he put it there for it to be closer. But you know what is closer and in the semi middle of the desk? An empty coca cola soda can. He must love soda and is too lazy to throw it away. Typical teenager. Drink water ya nasty. He has a coin jar with $20 worth of coins! I wonder what he will do with that money. Hopefully for odor relief products. And the rest is just boring school work books and papers. So responsible. Now the bookcase. Sarah’s Key, The Crucible, Breaking Dawn, and The Almost Moon is on top of the book case. Why are they on top and not in the book case along with the others? Maybe they mean something to him. Maybe he loves stories and books about tragic times and depression. And it may be on top for it to be a reminder for him that he should really stop crying and smile! Other people has been through worse and he should really stop being a little crying bitch. That or he’s just lazy to line them up with the other books. Based on his collection of books he loves to read. Especially teen books. Not a shocker. Uh! I see lady gaga notebooks. He must really love lady gaga cause they are not even used. So gay. In a non stupid or dumb way. He has Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Rey, Lady gaga, Cher Lloyd, and Greyson Chance albums. That’s so straight of him. He must really love Lana Del Rey though cause he has all of them. But what about Lady Gaga? What about her first two albums? He must be a newbie super fan. His night stand is completely clean with nothing on it but only his remote control next to his bed. He must really love watching TV too. Where does he find the time!? Gosh. His bed. Really nice. Though why sports theme’d bed sheets? That must be a total lie. There hasn’t been any other evidence in the room that assure’s me that he loves sports. Nice plasma tho…. Now he must love watching TV.

FYI. This post was an entry of me describing my room for the first time. As if it’s my first visit here. An prompt from the wonderful Daily Post

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