My day

But I Didn’t

OMG WHERE’S DANIEL!? HE HASN’T BLOGGED IN SO LONG! 3 DAYS, 4 INCLUDING TODAY. THATS A RECORD. I HOPE MY FAVORITE BLOGGER IS FINE. Psh yeah right! I just remembered i forgot to publish this weeks, Paparazzi Tuesday. I’ll publish it after this. But this whole week i’ve sick and i felt like i was going to die… But i didn’t.

Remember how on sunday i blogged about how i didn’t want to go to school on Monday? Well my blog, this bitchy wonderland, made it come true. I hope you learn a lesson from me: Be careful for what you wish for on your blog. On Monday morning i woke up with a headache, sore throat, and my thighs and upper butt were sore. I told my mom and she said, “Why would your butt be so soar? What did you do?” Oh mom. I didn’t have any butt sex. Trust me. Since i wasn’t feeling well i stayed home and didn’t go to school. My mom didn’t believe i was sick and took it as a treat, i guess, for me to stat home because my sister doesn’t go to school because she’s always “sick” and it was my turn to stay home. My head hurt all morning. I was trying to take a nap but i couldn’t. Not until 1PM and woke up feeling a bit better. After that i was feeling okay.

Then on Tuesday i was even WORSE than on Monday. I had a very sore throat, and coughing. I could barely talk.  My mom told me i should of stayed home on Tuesday rather than Monday. Which she’s right but i don’t predict the future. But this time she really did believe i was sick but i still went to school. I had PE first thing in the morning… And it was cold. Great. We were in the gym but gosh it was so cold. During the whole class i was shivering. Then i went to US history class and i felt horrible. I was like half awake. It felt like i was in a dream. Though it wasn’t. I wish though. Class was so boring though. I couldn’t concentrate well in class. So i just layed my head on the desk until i couldn’t take it anymore. So i texted my mom to come and pick me up early. And so she did. WOO HOO! As i was walking to the attendance office i felt like i was going to fall… But i didn’t. So strange. After my mom picked me up she bought me some medicine. One of the medicine’s she bought was this liquid for the flu and cold. I only got to one tablespoon, 2 tablespoons was my dose, and threw it all up. The taste was soooo discussing. I felt like i was drinking medicine from the movie, Nanny Mcfee. Yeah, ew right? I even remember laying my head on the toilet seat. The seat where everyone puts their ass on. Yeah ew! The only reason why i did it is because i need to relax and feel better after throwing up. Then all day i was just laying in bed. Then in the afternoon and at night i was having a fever. That was when my mom bought me some advil to reduce the fever.  It did help. But i think the wet towel helped better. But it was nice being sick. I had food brought to my bed, watching tv all day and not even going to school.

Then on Wednesday i stayed home again. I woke up with a fever so i just layed in bed. Then i had another fever in the afternoon. Then i felt better. THEN Gosh i gotta stop with the then’s. I just don’t know what else to say. Then i had some chicken soup to feel better, for dinner, and relaxed. Then by 8PM i felt like new. Though i could of sworn, watching the food pictures on tumblr, made me crave for the food i couldn’t eat, and it made me feel better. Though it may be the soup. Who knows. I’m not a docta. 

Then today i was all ready and dressed up for school. My mom wrote me a pass to be excused from PE for the day. I was so excited. I even brought a book with me and some snacks to get me entertained during PE while i do nothing. So i went to the nurse to turn in my excuse pass and she told me i couldn’t stay at school because it hasn’t been 24 hours and i could still have the virus. Plus my tempature was 99. Well shit. I had to call my mom to come and pick me up. You know it feels good to miss school. But thinking about how much make up work i’ll have to do, kills me. At least i didn’t have PE today like planned.

Right now i’m feeling way better. I only have nasal congestion, and a medium fever. Hopefully i’ll at least go to school tomorrow. Though i’m going to feel much better and going be like new soon because my mom raised me as a warrior. Psh yeah right. 

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