Born To Die, 1 Year

Today marks a year that my favorite album, Born to die came out. Gosh what a ride it’s been. And it’s been a great one. I remember when the album was leaked a week before release date, i listened to all of the songs on tumblr. I just searched the tracks by its tags and found them. I was then convinced that i should buy the album, for sure. The songs that were leaked that made me fall in love were National anthem and Dark paradise. I thought they were great.

On this day, a year from today i went on an adventure to Barnes & Noble to buy the album. I went to Barnes & Noble because i wasn’t too sure it would be sold anywhere else cause Lana wasn’t too famous then and she was a new artist too. So i went with my friends on the bus. It was my first time on the city bus. It was sorta fun. I actually thought i was going to die. But i didn’t. I even joked around with my friend that what if everyone started to sing, the wheels of the bus. Cause that would so cool & hilarious. We got there and i was a lucky one. look a song title! Promo!There was only 2 left. I was so happy i bought it. After that me and my friends looked at some books and played the puppets. That was hilarious but another story.

Once i got home i downloded it onto my iPod. When i first listened to the album, my favorite song was Diet mountain dew and i hated Million dollar man. But now i love them all. This whole year i’ve been jamming to Lana del rey and hopefully it continues. I remember listening to Born To Die during the whole summer, at school, when home alone, while studying, and while blogging too but mostly when waking up. I would just wake up, grab my ipod, and insert those earphones until the album was done playing. It was a great way to start my morning.

So thank you Lana del rey or should i say Elizabeth? For writing this wonderful album. I love you sooo much! Keep writing beautiful music. I hope someday i will get to see you perform live. And have your babies.

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