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My Weekend: FAIL

So its monday tomorrow… Well shit. I seriously don’t want to go to school. O rather stay home all day. Gosh sometimes i just wish i can have one day i can do absolutely nothing and just lay in bed and watch TV all day. But i don’t see that happening. This weekend i did nothing but i still got up and walked around the house. Plus my step dad’s kids were here for the weekend so i had to “have fun” with them and spend time with the family. Luckily, on saturday, they left at 5PM to a party and didn’t get back until another 6 hours. I could of layed in bed then but i didn’t cause i had to blog. I could of layed in my bed and blog, like i’m doing right now, but i had a crave for frappuchino’s. So i made one for the first and it tasted like shit. So i added cream, sugar, and cinanon after. It tasted good but i didn’t drink too much of it cause i didn’t want to get diabetes after all the sugar i added. And at 11:30 it was SNL time. Last saturdays episode was hilarious. Adam did a great job hosting. My favorite sketch was the catfish show.

And today was okay. I mean i went golf clubbing with the family, no big deal. NO BIG DEAL DANIEL!? YOU GOT OUT THE HOUSE. It was sorta fun. I got last place. As expected. But atleast i didn’t loose badly. I did a couple 2 strokes. How did you do it? You may ask. Cause that’s something i would ask myself as well. I just listened to Marina and The Diamonds the whole time. I swear her music is the best for all ocassions. Kinky readers: FOR ALL OCASSIONS.

Overlooking my whole weekend, my highlight was laying in bed, doing nothing, and watching Saturday Night Live. For reasons.

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