My Odd Factor: Book Edition

I know, i may be wrong, that i’m the only one who has this weird factor when it comes to books. Whenever i see a person reading a book, and they are on the beginning of the book, i just roll my eyes and carry on. I just think that they don’t really show that they are book lovers based on what page of the book you are. And if i see a person reading a book, in the middle or last bit of the book, i automatically think the person is cool and loves reading. Because when you are in the middle of the book you notice that you’re loving the book and you continue to read it. For example:

See this? This is a total non reader. Why? Because that’s the way i think. I would see this girl read and think, Gosh she thinks she’s so cool by reading that book but she’s really not. She’s on the beginning of the book! Hashtag hipster!

When i see her reading this book i consider her a book lover or/and that she just loves that book and i may consider reading the book. Look at the book. She’s in the middle of the book. Plus the book is super huge! If i saw her i would think, oh hey you cool book reader. Hashtag nerd! Can we be friends? Plus that explains it cause look at the way you’re dressed. Boring!

How do i know it’s an odd factor? Cause how the heck would i know that the person who just began reading the book is not a book lover. Maybe that person just bought it. Or began reading it then. Or maybe they aren’t really a book lover and are just reading the book because they have too. Or because of boredom.

That’s why every time i read a book out in public i make sure I’m in the middle of the book so that others can think I’m a book lover and smart. Cause if i didn’t others would just believe that I’m just trying to fit in. Gosh i’m so weird.

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