Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: The Mole’s Made Me Fall In Love

Everyone said he was crazy. He never acted crazy around me until this one day I will never forget. A guy name Richard told me he was unconditionally unrelievedly in love with me. Why the heck will someone be love me? Is it because I’m Elizabeth Taylor? Yes i may be married but who cares. I  don’t care. When there is someone who comes up to you and tells you he loves you and shows it to you more than your husband, it takes what ever it takes to put that love to the test.

We were on the set of the movie, Cleopatra. Something that the press doesn’t know is that he gave me a coca cola drink. Which was a bit odd but i didn’t mind i was thirsty. So i drank the can and when it was empty there was something inside. Something heavy. So i tore apart the can with scissors and saw a diamond necklace. I love jewelery and this one was the most beautiful necklace i have ever seen. I also noticed there was a tag on the necklace that said, “This is for yoü. Hope you love it! Just like i love you. Meet me at Hilary’s after today’s shooting. Got another surprise.” Hilary’s is an infamous bar for the upper class. So i went and Richard was there. I remember he looked so handsome that night. So so handsome. So i sat next to him and within an instant he kissed me in front of his wife, who seemed to be working there. And at that time they were still together so you can imagine how crazy and brave he was for doing that. His wife saw us kissing and made the typical gasp face. Then Richard got up and took off mine and his shirt, leaned to my right side and shockingly our moles that we both had on our hips, made a heart. I then knew that we were perfect for each other. And that’s when i realized that he was crazily in love with me. And so was i.

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