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Empathy Towards My Fiction Friday

Have you read my last Fiction friday? Gosh I’m mind blown fucked with the words and shit i can come up with. I have this sorta weird feeling in my heart. Is it that a good thing? I just feel empathy. I guess that’s the correct word. I had no clue on what to write about on today’s Fiction Friday and i remembered that i should try to enter the one minute writer FFF contest, and the first and second line of the post, was the prompt. I knew when i first read it, it would be about love and romance. But how? Yeah i didn’t know. Then i Elizabeth Taylor came flashing into my mind. I only wrote the first paragraph and left to go shopping with my mom and sister. And when i got back i was, i guess, inspired to write some more. But where Daniel? The toilet! Lol! It’s a bit embarrassing to admit this but i was doing the number two and began to finish the post, and the rest of the second paragraph that just came out of nowhere. I always think about this, but if i knew yesterday i would write about Elizabeth Taylor i would go mad. If i only knew i would write about her someday. But one of my biggest inspirations when writing the post was the movie, Liz & Dick. That movie was so wonderful and made me imagine and picture how Richard is like. Especially when he’s drinking and romantic.

I just hope Elizabeth Taylor and you guys, the readers, enjoyed the post and saw a larger picture inside your head, than i had when writing the post.

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