My day / Starbucks

Awkward Moment At Starbucks

Today i experienced the most awkward moment at Starbucks… Oh my. I went tonight to buy a hot coffee and a refresher for my sister. So i ordered her an refresher and when the guy was starting to make it he told me he ran out and asked if a lime flavored would be fine. And i said no. I knew my sister wouldn’t like it. The berry refresher is her only favorite at Starbucks. And i was like, “Um no. It’s for my sister and i know she won’t like it. Can i just get a refund?” And the guy said, “Sureeee just go to the cashier.” Just the way the guy said made it so awkward. Like don’t you understand its for my sister who is very picky!? I guess his “Sureeee” was a way of saying, what the heck you weirdo! Your such an odd customer like your so adnormal. And the cashier was like, “You didn’t want another flavor?” And i said no. She ended up giving me an free coffee with any size, flavor, shots and what not. Worth up to 6 dollas! HOLLA! I was so happy! I could get a free mocha frappuchino with no whip cream and extra coffee for freeeee. But still, that was an awkward moment. I still had that awkward feeling after leaving Starbucks. Thank god i didn’t stay to write an Starbucks Stories. It would be pain.

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