The Family Jewels Visions

These are my visions for each song on Marina and the Diamond’s album, The Family Jewels. The idea here is to picture a picture inside your head. And feel free to listen to the songs so you know what my visions are and know what i’m talking about.

  1. Are You Satisfied- Okay the intro: “I was pulling out my hair The day I cut the deal Chemically calm Was I meant to feel happy That my life was just about to change.” Get up from the bed and start dancing. Shaking the ass from left to right. After chorus take off the shirt. I see Marina smoking a cigarette while singing this song. But mainly after the second verse. With pac man eating the ghosts in the background. The bridge: Marina in an robot mask but from the bottom down, she’s in human form.
  2. Shampain- The fan experience: Laying in bed watching your favorite show but oh wait, its marina playing on my iPod. SINGING AND GETTING ON THE GROVE. Instead of Shampain you drink Sangria the non alcoholic drink. Doing ballet. But not the normal boring kind. But a pop version of it. Go figure. Straight hands and push forwards and backwards as if your opening the door with both hands but there is no handles just the silver upside down rectangle. Screaming singing keywords: BUT I FEEL CELESTIAL!
  3. I’m Not A Robot- Chorus: GUESS WHAT! (insert bubbles into the vision) NOT A ROBOT (Insert robot vintage videos). Bridge: Flying pics along with cotton candy going crazy back and forth like in a food fight. But Dinosaurs are launching them onto the air. 3rd chorus: The party now really starts. Guys with pink hair get up from laying in the floor and start dancing.
  4. Girls: Intro music: The blood coming out of the vadge. Chorus: Girls, like Kim kardashian but a blonde version, of them all crying like babies, and no not the ugly crying face of kim, and towards the end of the chorus they are getting their shit together and partying like Snooki does before she was prego.
  5. Mowgli’s Road- A creepy video. Your in a jungle, the eyes are coming at you and look everywhere. You start to think it’s an owl but its an frog. The trees, made out of origami. The clouds are made out of Control Remotes but all round in the shape of an apple, flattened. And next you know it’s the cast of The Big Bang Theory messing with you.
  6. Obsessions- The concert performance: On the top of an castle with long hair like Rapunzel with teal hair. With the fog. The fog represents the obsessions in an relationship.
  7. Hollywood- Music video shot at Micheal Jackson’s house. With aliens everywhere but with light purple skin color. All dancing awkwardly. Go figure.
  8. The outsider- The fan experience: Laying in bed doing the groove like Lana del rey did on SNL. During the 1st chorus and thereafter, starting to dance on my bed while doing nerd dancing moves.
  9. Hermit the frog- Live performance: Marina in an indian lady outfit and dancing and singing at the same time. LEGENDARY RIGHT THERE.
  10. Oh No!- BOOM. High school musical 2 intro type of performance but in Hollywood. With marina being promoted everywhere. Outro, it’s all just an television commercial. “Tv Taught me how to feel now real life has no appeal.”
  11. Rootless- Marina inside a hard. Discovering its inside’s. Go figure.
  12. Numb- Marina taking part in an child play. She’s playing the piano while all of the other kids are behind her rolling their eyes and eating goldfish cheddar snacks.
  13. Guilty-Head banging but in half circled formed. Marina is anperformance artist like Marina Abramovic. Go figure.

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