Paparazzi Tuesday

The Hunger Games

Happy late Paparazzi Tuesday! After multiple requests, i will finally do a Paparazzi Tuesday on the hunger games. Plus i love the saga 1000 times more than twilight…. Okay no i take that back.

This is too funny. I hope you get the joke. If not, heres my explanation. Peeta bakes bread at his family bakery. So this is his six pack… Get it? NOW LETS LAUGH. HAHAHAHA!

Just so you know… I sorta don’t get this joke.

4 thoughts on “The Hunger Games

  1. omg daniel lol when i said that a blog of the hunger games i didnt mean like this lol and how do yu not get joke of back to skool and the knifes for district 2 lol i laughed soo hard lol

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