My day / Random

Um Yeah

Now why haven’t i blogged in so long!? Gosh i have no idea. Well i do. Procastionation. Monday i was up doing nothing. Monday was Martin i could of sworn it was marther until one day in class someone said it was martin. I’m such a disgrace to the american people Luther King Jr. Day and didn’t have school. So i woke up at 10 AM breakfast at 11 and then i was doing other things til around 5 i remembered i had homework so i did that and watched Teen mom and Catfish. Though i was in a bit of a rush. I was doing my homework really at 6PM everything in the last minute as always and at 6:30 i took a shore in a rush so i wouldn’t miss Teen mom. I was going to do homework during the show but i was just so lazy in bed i just decided to lay in bed and not do it. Until i watched catfish i sorta done some of it. And then stayed up til 11 doing homework and i was too tired to blog. It wasn’t until this morning i reliazed shit i have a blog. I could of blogged yesterday morning but since i share a computer with my sister i wasn’t able to cause she had it all day yesterday. But good news, i got my laptop back and it’s working! Woo hoo! There was something wrong with the cooling fan and my smart ass neighbor literally fixed it for me. I haven’t used my laptop in so long because it was broken in the beginning and then broke it again. It was so weird using the family’s laptop cause its bigger and i had to get use to the keyboard. And that was a very weird feeling. But not anymore cause i have my laptop back! I have everything on that small piece of shit. My photos, music, my secret book of secrets just in case im in a writers block and so much more. Woah sexual. So no more fighting with my sister for the laptop, endless blogging (both tumblr and this one) and the freedom to do what the freak i want! I’ve missed you my little HP mini. I haven’t used it cause i just got it right when i was “going to bed.” And now i can’t wait until i use it tomorrow! Plus i have a bunch of like’d pictures on my tumblr that needs to be reblogged. I was on post limit this afternoon. I was only on for like 2 hours. Though i do go like crazy and endlessly blog via iPad. Like have you gone on tumblr via iPad app!? It’s so fast and can be reblogged within seconds.

Oh yeah it’s Paparazzi Tuesday! I’m sorry but i’ll have to do that tomorrow. I need not only to choose the pictures, but set the link of the image as well and cannot be done via ipod touch. I promise i’ll do it! I sorta have an idea on what it’s going to be about. You’ll just have to wait and see.

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