My day

Making My Weekend Better-er

Gosh this weekend has gone good with nothinf really to do. And i’m liking it. Yesterday i was home all day but i had some time to myself, and thats a good thing. I ate my favorite Carne Asada fries and watched Cyndi Lauper Still So Unusual. I find Reality shows so interesting. It’s like a blog but it’s in a video and you don’t have to turn on the computer to know what’s going on a millionaires life. Except Icee and CoCo that reality show is so boring to me. Due to the new cable network, we don’t have E! anymore. Which means no more awkward evidence on Married to Jonas and no Fashion Police. Also The Kardashians but i follow them on keek so its all good. I also watched SNL! It was so hilarious. My favorite sketch was the one of the restaurant with the mean waitresses. As a bitch i am, i believe that is an awesome restaurant. The waitresses who work there are mean on puporse. That is in the sketch atleast. Can you imagine that!? In real life!? Imagine Taylor Swift walks in the restaurant and the waitress says, “I smell STD’s with a dash of music writer whore.” INSTANT DEATH.

And today, i was home all day as well. Though it was a bit fun cause i was on tumblr all day and ate my craving. All last week i’ve been craving a hamburger. I didn’t care from where but all i wanted was old horse meat. And it was so delicious! Yesterday i tried to convince my mom to take me to Burger King but she didn’t want to cause it was too far and she was in a hurry. It’s fine tho cause that delicious hamburger was my dash into making my day better-er. Then i was cracking up watching Honey boo boo. That show is so hilarious. Not only Honey boo boo is funny by being herself but so is her mother. She burps like it’s nothing, she sneezes weird, funny weird, cooks a bit odd, and her face expressions are hilarious. After three hours of Honey boo boo i was ready to change the channel onto something else and saw Awkward.’s season 2 marathon was going to begin. It made my day even better-er-er. My favorite TV show is about to begin. How could i not watch it!? And now i’m currently watching it on the third episode. The whole marathon isn’t over until 3:30 AM and its currently 11:18 PM. I’m starting to get tired. I might stay up until 1:30, pretend like i’m excited to watch SNL and watch Awkward. while the time passes. Or maybe i should stay up intil 3:30 AM. Looking at how my blog has been a flop lately, i could use Awkward. inside of me.

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