Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Human Heads

Heads. Human heads all over the world. Those were the only words i understood from my master. My master is from the future and he says that human heads out on the streets, out of the blue, are all a plan. Aliens have sent killed humans and chopped their heads off and put the human heads all in different coordinates around the world. The heads are like connecting the dots and when you have connected all of the dots, before the police was called and removed them from their “site”, they make an remote control figure. My master said that the remote control is a symbol for television. In what way? You may ask. What do most humans watch? Televisions. What do televisions show? Peoples life’s. Whether it’s reality or fiction. The aliens are all setting up the heads onto public domain property to make us humans curious and interested on why they are there. So that we could be side tracked to the television.

One alien was stuck inside the satellite. And in the satellite there is a hallway. And if you walk past the hallway, the camera turns on and boom the live feed is sent to all the televisions worldwide. NASA made the satellite in that way so that the humans in the world will feel comfortable that no creature is out in space. And what are the aliens doing? They want to distract them. The alien who is stuck inside the satellite has no idea about it and the other aliens are doing this as quickly as possible to prepare for the worst. They don’t want to haunt the world by showing who they are. Because the aliens are the same people on earth but from a different galaxy. And live in a more advanced earth.

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