Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Alexis The Wizard

I’m irritated with the world right now. I’m a wizard. And to this day i think i’m the only one. I became a wizard when i had a dream of a very dark ghost figure giving me the power. I know it wasn’t the devil cause i saw its face and it’s face was very bright almost as a god. The ghost gave me the power by letting out some light from his hand and sending it inside my body. It was so fast i couldn’t see it. Then i woke up the next morning and there was a magic book with thousands and thousands of spells. And tried the spells, and they worked.

You know i’m a very strange guy in high school. I always have a straight face, don’t hang out with anyone and quiet all day. Though i swear some of the girls in the school are so stupid, i’m glad i’m not them. There’s one girl in particular who isn’t the schools shiniest diamond. But she’s the schools shiniest 11 inch. Her name is Megan. We have never spoken until one day during class. She comes to with a smile. She says to me, “Hello.” “Hi.” “You know you are a very strange man. Your always quiet. If you actually spoke you would get so many girls after you. But no. Your boring. It’s actually disrespectful for our junior class. Like get a life for once.” Gosh what a bitch right? I did nothing to her. “Why don’t you get a life. You have sex with men just for pott. That is what i’ve heard actually.” “Atleast i get action.” “Atleast i’m not borderline positive on getting STDS.” “Ah how rude!” She had a mad face and walked away. So i make a banana appear, using my magic, and then boom she slips does the splits, her skirt opens, and 3 condoms fall off. The whole class starts laughing and opened their mouth in shock. Cause the rumors are true, Megan really is a whore. But something else falls of… Lets just say it was a wiener like from a hotdog.

A year later, Megan was put into the hospital for injuring her wiener because a man kicked her there. There has been so many rumors but a lot of people have been saying the reason why a man kicked her was because she was trans. And the guy didn’t even know it… That’s what you get for being a bitch to me.

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