Disease Wonderland

DanielGiraffe has a new annoying blog status: Currently sick… Wah. I have the cold with a stuffy nose. I’ve had this for the past 3 days. For a moment i thought i had the flu but i was wrong… To be honest i have no clue what the flu is. I believed it’s an combination of cold and cough. But i was told this morning i was wrong. Hm maybe i shall google it right now. Oh i guess i don’t have the flu. Now knowing what the flu is, i think i shall get a flu shot. Though it’s my first time and i’m scared that i’ll get very sick. Therefore i won’t go to school but i would be sick and it sucks. I know that cause i currently have the cold. It’s kinda embarrassing for me to be sniffling my nose all day during class. I can blow my nose but that’s too embarrassing for the whole class to hear. I can go outside like others do but i’m just lazy to get up and blow my nose. If i’m desperate i know i would… The funny thing about the cold is that i could have it for a couple of days and boom its gone, untreated with no medication. Last time i had for 3 days and it was gone. But today is my forth day with and it has not been gone. Obviously. If i hadn’t had the cold i wouldn’t be blogging in a bitchy way. I just want to be able to breath normal already. My voice has changed a little bit too. I sound like a dying seal. But to be precise, i sound alot more like the little penguin toy from toy story 1…. or 2. I have no clue.

I just read an article that if you drink 5 cups of tea daily, you have a lower chance of getting the flu! OMG. I love tea. Maybe i should drink it more often. I drink a cup of tea everyday. But 5 cups is just too much. On the brightside i didn’t have any soda today, the demon i cling to. I just hate being healthy. I rather eat and drink everything i can and just live forever. And blog forever.

Also eating Garlic reduces the chance too… Science is so odd. Because they have antiviral and antifungal… I have no idea what the heck that is. Can you translate it in english?


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