My Wonderland Is Such A Bitch

I have no idea on what blog about… i can google, blog posts ideas, but for today i’m gonna go for it. So i apologize for any bull shit i say. I know you care less and don’t give a damn but my blog does cause look where i’m at bitches. Seems like my bitchy alter ego is inside of me slash in the presence. Daniel The Giraffe apologizes.

Have you guys read my last last blog post? Well that’s all i can think about right now… What if i told my spanish teacher, my grandpa died from a stroke. Just to make him feel like shit and the class would do the dramatic UUUHH sound effect… That would be a GREAT blog post. I just can’t believe he actually has the old man guts to say it. But whatever. Wait, no its not whatever. Who does he think he is for judging my hand writing!?  My father!? Just like lady gaga taught me, i was born this way. Today in his class it was test day. And i sorta wanted to write a fake line about my handwriting, in the essay prompt. I was going to say, one summer i broke my hand from saving my sister from the ocean and almost died, that’s why my handwriting is so bad…. Probably not my best but its enough to make my teacher feel like shit. He would probably talk to me after class and apologize. And i would say after that, Its okay its just so hard fitting in with the class. You basically embarrassed me in front of the whole classroom but its fine i’m use to being ignored in class….. And just walk away. He would feel so bad. AH score! My wonderland is a bitch in so many ways. 

Did you guys know i’m currently on post limit on tumblr. Why do you think i’m bloggging right now? Yeah i know its so sad. Sadder than the notebook, the movie, not the actual object. Though that would be interesting to have a sad notebook. But what would be sad about it? That it’s not been made with recycled material? Or that the cover is just so ugly or pretty like Lady Gaga. Don’t you dare to change my words around. Lady gaga is the queen and you know it. Back to my point, tumblr is a bitch. I wish tumblr didn’t have an limit. Like its my life i’m wasting not yours. I’m not even wasting it, i’m just making it brighter.

Today i told my step dad,”I hope somebody screams at you today at work.” You know, cause i love being a bitch. Especially those who i don’t like. And when he got home he was like, “YOU cursed me! A patient was screaming at me during work because she thought i was over charging her. But i wasn’t. She’s just poor and is crazy.” I feel so accomplished! Like i’m a wizard guys. And i don’t even know it. I should probably use my powers for good and tell myself in the morning, I hope you find an twenty dollar bill on the ground. Now every single day i will put my curse on him and make him suffer at work. MUAHAHAHA. Then again, my wonderland is such a bitch.

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