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YouTube Video Makes Me Crack Up And Cry

LMAO. This video is so hilarious. I watched this yesterday on tumblr and i was cracking up and crying. It’s been so long since i last laughed this hard. So hilarious. Just watch it the video above and then continue reading my blog post when it’s done reproducing. I’m so clever when it comes to the big words… As if you give a shit. 

Hopefully you watched the video already. Wasn’t that just so hilarious!? LMAO. This is the only time i actually mean laughing my ass off, literally. Even watching it again again makes me want to crack up. I showed my step dad and his kids the video this morning and the kids were just staring and smiling… What! It’s not funny!? The only thing the kids found “cool” is that in the end the guy got his meal for free… You guys just love free food even though you eat like a bird. What about the other parts, weren’t they funny or “cool” too? The part of the black girl saying, “Instagram dat joint.” Or the part where the blonde girl was crying? Or the part of the guy looking back opening the window. Atleast my step dad was laughing. He was like, “HAHAHA that’s so cool.” I was like, Yes it’s hilarious. It’s so hilarious that i even showed it to you when i don’t even like you. After it was over my step dad was like, “Haha thanks for showing this to us.” And the kids were saying thank you too. Gosh why do they have to be so thankful. It makes me uncomfortable.

If i worked at a drive thru and saw this i would probably cry, freak out, and crack up like the blonde girl with the side pony. Exactly like her. And probably blog about it and therefore nobody would believe me and when the video is out i would be like, HA I TOLD YOU!

The dude said that there’s going to be a part 2. SO you’ll see me blogging about that one soon. *wink wink* Gosh i gotta stop with the wink wink. I’m such an blogger creep. 

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