“I Love Reading Books”

I hardly blog about books for a reason. And the reason is that i hate spoilers cause i hate them myself. Maybe i can blog about the books i’ve read but with an SPOILER ALERT on the title… That’s too much work tho. I use to love reading books but now i still love reading but i hardly read them. I have way too much time to myself and reading is not included into my “me time.” I have a huge pile of books that i haven’t read; 17 books not including twilight in Spanish. SHIT! I thought they were way less. But i guess not. Guess? No that’s a fact! I probably have more. But do i have a favorite book? Yes but i never finished it. Its The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I enjoyed reading the book and thought it was a great book. It’s just too damn long (536 pages) yet i don’t know why i’m complaining cause i read all of the first three books of the Twilight Saga. The reason why i never finished it is because i was a slow reader when i was a freshmen in high school, so i had to read the whole book in 6 weeks for my English class outside reading book. I was barely in the middle of the book, again cause its too damn long. So i just did some research online and watched the movie, read the last chapter and got an B plus on the book talk. I’m such a horrible reader.

There was a time period where i LOVED buying books but never read them. For example, i bought Gone and ended up never finishing it and did most of the research online for my English class in 9th grade. Bought Harry Potter the first book/year and only got to chapter 3. I wanted to fit in and read the whole series but that never happened. That’s why i haven’t watched the movies. For Christmas my friend bought me Hoot and Eragon, cause i told her too, but NEVER read them. I don’t even think i even opened the book. Shit my friend reads my blog… I’m sorry Yoali. My last recently book i bought was An Object of Beauty, i was going to say an work of beauty, you see i’m horrible at this i don’t even know the name of the books i bought. That book i haven’t finished. I got to page 60 with a huge huh? thought inside my head. Pretty much all of the books i have never read and finished were the books that made me want to have them so bad but never read them. They were just there to collect dust. You may say.

The last book i finished was Catching Fire. And that was for my English reading assignment. I started reading it in May and finished it at the end of December. I hardly read and the only time i read that book was during english class when the teacher actually makes us silent read. I even took it with me, along with 4 more books, for the summer to read in my 2 month stay in Mexico… I didn’t even read at all that summer. Only the 5 pages of Zen by OSHO, a book that’s not even mine. It was my dads.

There were some great books that i enjoyed reading, and finished. They were Sarah’s Key, Creativity by OSHO, and Room by…. i have no clue where that book is at, its the book about the 5 year old narrating. I must of lost it after i brought it back home, pretending i did the reading for English class last semester. KEY WORD: LAST SEMESTER. I did read the book but not last semester. I read it in the beginning of the year 2012.

I’m such an horrible reader. I should get fined or something. Why do you think reading is part of my new years resolutions? So that i can read all my books and go back into being obsessed with buying books but actually read them this time.

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