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How I Spent Zayn Malik’s Pre-Birth and Birthday

Hey! Its been so long since i last blogged. That’s 2 years in my world but in reality it’s only been one day. Why haven’t i blogged yesterday? Hm i don’t know… That’s odd. Yesterday was more like an relaxing day and pretty much forgot about blogging until i was laying in bed at 11:00 PM tired and said to myself, oh shit it’s late! Maybe i should get up and turn on the laptop and blog. AHHH i’m too tired. I’ll just blog tomorrow. So here i am. Blogging like i said i would… The only “highlight” of my day yesterday was my first class off the day. What a great way to start my Friday. Well once again this bitch (my spanish teacher) embarrassed me in front of the whole class. I’ve been missing you. I turned in my homework assignment and when my teacher was grading and he said, “Senor Daniel! Your homework is written so sloppy! You write like an 70 year old. Going through an stroke.” The same thing he said the past two times. The only difference is that the class actually laughed at the stroke part… So embarrassing. I didn’t even know if i should stare at him or not. I just smiled as if i found it funny. But it wasn’t funny. He’s like a homeless edition of an comedian. One that doesn’t know much jokes and is only funny when being mean. Why does he even do that? Was it really necessary? NO. Plus my handwriting wasn’t as bad as my past assignments. My teacher is just doing it to seem funny to the class. When really, he’s not. I think i’ve said that so many times already. And the rest of the day was blah blah blah. Oh but i watched Liz & Dick! That documentary was amazing. Lindsey Lohan did a wonderful job acting. The movie is so perfect i want a copie… I can’t believe Elizabeth Taylor actually went through this. CRAY-ZYYY.

Today was a great day by doing nothing. I got up had pancakes (i hardly eat pancakes), went to old navy with my mom but really, i just went just to get starbucks, went on tumblr, it was Zayn’s Birthday, ate pizza doritos while watching Rosanne I love that show. It’s so hilarious, and watched Cyndi Lauper’s new reality show i never knew she was SO busy. I loved and love her show by the way. And spent almost three hours building a little surpirse for you guys that i know you and i will enjoy. I CAN’T WAIT TIL I RELEASE IT! AH.

I didn’t even know that it was Zayn’s birthday until i saw on instagram this morning… I’m such a bad directioner.

I don’t even know what to call my day today and yesterday. You go figure. Oh i know! How i spent Zayn’s birthday… I’m so clever. That’s why i’m a blogger/writer.

I guess we’ll see what will happen tomorrow. I’m hoping to get alot of blog post’s done so watch out. *wink wink*

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