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My Response To The Lady Gaga & Kelly Osbourne Feud

GOSH this Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne feud is going out of hand… I can’t take it! Here’s Lady Gaga’s letter and then Sharon Osbourne’s letter.



Um holy fuck! Why do we just have to fight!? I’m obviously taking Lady Gaga’s side, as the little monster i am. I’m a bit embarrassed to say i’m a little monster looking at how this feud is going. When i first read gaga’s letter i was like awe but woah she really told her what she felt. I’m glad Gaga was being nice through out her letter. I just don’t understand why Sharon mentioned about Gaga being so mean when apologized about her fans threatening her and that she can’t control her fans. As the little monster i am, i have NEVER sent death threats or mean comments to kelly on twitter or anyone else. This is where i sorta, kinda disagree about Fashion Police being basically a horrible show. I love Kelly and also Fashion Police. I find the show so hilarious and very mean to the celebrities at the same time. It’s funny mean. If i were the owner or what ever of Fashion Police i would announce in the beginning of the show that these are the host’s views on fashion and the joke aren’t meant to be taken seriously and for entertainment and laugh enjoyment only. Cause i know how this show can make someone from having a bad day to having a good day. Like me. I even crack up at the Lady Gaga jokes cause it’s funny for a fan. Gaga knows i love her from the dedication i have to her, shown through my blog, etc. I dont agree on the jokes but find them funny. Just like any fan would about their idol. I bet some of the celebrities laugh at the jokes themselves. If they didn’t, Fashion Police wouldn’t have guests.

Sharon, yes Lady Gaga is an attention seeker. But i don’t think that would be the correct or nice term. Gaga is more like the Fame Obssesiver. Gaga is addicted to fame. I read a post on tumblr saying everything Gaga has been doing is what fame really is about…. I wish I knew where it is but my point is that Gaga is in love with fame. Gaga has shown it through her music, perfume tittle, performances and interviews. Why do you think she’s been tweeting about her love for canibalism or doing mini documentaries on Youtube and other stuff? To keep gaga on top and talked about. She doesn’t do it for the money she does it because she’s obsessed. But that has to do with idealism so… I’m not saying i’m right but that’s what i think.

I do agree that Little Monsters should stop sending hate to Kelly. Girls come in all shape and sizes cause they were born this way. By the way Kelly, your so pretty. And if Kelly criticizes Gaga in a negative way, remember what The Beatles taught us, let it be. And it’s only Kelly’s view in fashion. Just like Gaga had her own view and opinions on Fashion Police and pop music herself. We live in a strange world where our own thoughts seem to be the right one but truly neither of them do. Just know if this feud goes deep and continues, it will never end. As a fan, its making me sick to the stomach that Gaga has to deal with this.

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