My day


It’s been an CRAZY day. A day i couldn’t stand. I had PE in the morning and it was raining…. What the heck!? Why was it raining!? It’s california. Me and my friend didn’t know where to go during PE class since it was raining and so we were just walking back and forth in the cold rain. And i was in my pe clothes. I was so done with school already. Cons: I was getting cold and wet at the same time. Pros: I could of gotten sick which means no school for me, and i didn’t have to worry about having my hair messed up. So we finally found our teacher at the gym, as usual. She made us do a work out. Everyday out teacher makes work out is a drag. I understand its PHYSICAL education but i feel like everyday should consist of not running or physical act. I’m so lazy. My tacher was saying, “Strech out anything thats tight.” And my friend said, “Daniel’s butthole is tight.” And I could of sworn my teacher heard us. She was right next to us… How emberassing. Then we worked out for like 16 minutes straight. And then my friend was like, “Dance Daniel!” Cause she loves to laugh at me. It was the gangnam style dance. And then my teacher hears and says, “Oh i want to see that.” “Lol no.” So emberassing. I don’t want to make a fool of myself. Then after class, the weight room has bread all the time, and me and my friend took a piece of bread therefore i was walking across school looking like a fatass with a loaf of bread. I bet people were thinking, Lol why bread in the morning!?

Then it was time for US history class and this girl took my favorite new fucking seat and said, “Just sit on my desk.” Yeah all the way i the front!? Bitch please. But i didn’t want to complain so i went. Then i asked the girl during class, “Why are you sitting on my desk anyway?” “Oh i don’t know. Its cause she was talking to me.” She was talking about the girl behind her. “Oh. I don’t like this seat.” “Neither do i.” Bitch i didn’t ask you. Plus didn’t she get the hint that i want my desk back!? I sit around dummys who don’t do their work and are most likely to copy my work. The whole time i was thinking, i hate this seat i hate this seat. That bitch better go to her old seat or else i’m going to loose it. I’ll go as crazy as the two giraffes fighting with their necks.

Then after that class the rest if the day was relaxing. Until i saw on tumblr about the Lady gaga and Kelly feud. Oh great. After i blogged about it, i had some time to myself and watched TV. I hate to say this but the show full of red neck hillbillies on Buckwild, actually made my day. The episode was so hilarious yet entertaining; making me forget all the madness this bitchy annoying world gave to me.

I’m just so glad the day is finally over. It feels good to lay in bed and being all warm. All day i’ve been freezing my butt off. Stupid winds. Let’s see how tomorrow goes. Thank god its friday!

I haven’t recieved a text messege since Tuesday. Like seriously. Hashtag forever alone.

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