My day

100% Done

I feel like a total nerd right now. I’m laying in bed doing my homework while dancing to Cher Lloyd, wearing my dental head gear. I totally feel like Katy Perry in her music video, TGIF. I haven’t blogged about my day in so long. I don’t think ill continue to blog according to the theory. That’s too much work. If i have time, i will. Yesterday was sorta like my free day. After i blogged i was watching Snooki & JWOWW all day. I loved the first episode. It was so funny. I was cracking up at the part Roger almost fell when jumping onto the sofa. All i want to see now is Snooki grunting while giving birth.

This new semester is going to be a bitch… My teachers are being so harsh (a bitch). I’m already excited for the summer. Or atleast Spring Break. My history teacher is giving homework detention after school if you don’t do the homework. Well shit. Why detention!? This is not middle school. I use to do my homework on the last minute and turn it all in late. That’s called being a procastionator right there (me). I’m obviously going to do my homework now. I ain’t going to stay at school for one hour. Ain’t got no time for that. My Spanish teacher is also giving participation points. I hate talking in class. I sound so stupid talking outloud. One minute my voice is the same and then later its all different making me sound more like a girl when reading outloud. Thank god you can’t listen to my voice as your reading this. You’ve got your clever minds to figure that out. And my new seat is awkward cause i don’t know anybody around me. It’s so awkward. The two “popular” guys of the class sit infront of me. So awkward. And my health class this semester is simply super awkward. I don’t know anybody there. The guy behind me scares me a bit. He looks like he’s going to kill me or something. Like smile bitch. Plus we take too many notes in that class. I hate writing via thumb, index, and middle fingers.

Gosh i hope this semester isn’t a drag. Though it is my hardest year in high school. *eyeroll*

Me on day one of the semester: 100% done.

I wish i blogged more today. I got home ate, did nothing really gosh i should of blogged then, went to the mall to return some items and bought ANOTHER pair of earphones. Why don’t they last me!? Good thing JCpenny gave me a refund i would go broke if they didn’t, and did my homework while listening to homework. I have no fucking clue but i feel more relaxed listening to Marina And The Diamonds while doing my homework and Cher Lloyd while blogging. It’s the crack. Giraffe’s are an strange ethnic group.

I’m already looking forward to the weekend. Just two days of doing plain nothing. Giraffe’s (me) get your hot rods ready to rumble.

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