My Response To The Search Terms

My search terms on my blog are so hilarious. Sometimes i think they clicked on the wrong blog. So i think it’s best to share some of my favorite search terms that have made me crack up.

tm 1

LOL WHAT? She’s obviously not a virgin. She’s 19 years old and engaged. Plus why do want to know? Are you a virgin? Should i google it and have lead me to your blog? Yeah i don’t think so.

tm 2

LOLOLOL. Why? I haven’t even blogged about her once and i already get this search term. All i said is that i like her song Ready Or Not. But to answer your question, i don’t think Bridgit is a lesbian. She might be dirty based on the way she sings but not a lesbian. Just because she’s a dirty blonde doesn’t make her a lesbian. Like have you seen Paris Hilton’s sex tape?

tm 3

LOL why? Don’t pretend to be somebody your not because then Nev from Catfish will get you and embarrass you on his tv show. But if you want to know how, google a random name, go under search images and boom there you have. Now your fake.

tm 5

LOL! You should totally do it! I would… This sounds like something a middle schooler would say. Just imagining it makes me crack up. “Happy birthday big booty ho!” “All i want for my birthday is a big booty ho.” “What?” “What?” Oh 2 chainz you have created art and humor into this world just by one song.

tm 4

Lol why a must? Are you scared that taylor swift doesn’t so that Harry leaves her. Harry was considered Bi in high school…. SO maybe he’s into trans like Taylor. Or Or maybe harry doesn’t know. Or or or the Taylor Swift is Niall in disguise.

tm 6

LOL. Wow you must be pansexual. If you are not… Awe that’s cute! You love her for who she is and it’s making you horny. And it’s not her boobs or body that’s making you get horny. Imagine the search term person comes back, i did say boner not horny.

tm 7

Gosh that must be hilarious. If your looking for a spanish teacher who does sleep in class, you’ve got the wrong site. My spanish teacher is very much awake everyday. And it’s morning. And old…. He must be an alien.

tm 8

Could that even really happen in real life!? Omg. I want to know too.

tm 9

Haven’t you read my fiction friday? It’s about Taylor’s ex Mitt Romney!

tm 10

No i’m not. You must be talking about the actual giraffes…. How would you know?

tm 12

Why would Lady Gaga start an doomsday? She’s touring in 2013. I don’t think she wants the world to end on the 21st. Though that past already.

tm 13

A whore. Named Taylor Swift

tm 14

No comment…. I don’t even go there.

And my personal favorite.

tm 15


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